Most powerful way to keep audience engaged

Now you already can make fascinating intros, but while grabbing initial user attention is a critical factor, after that you need to deliver video content the way the user will stay watching and will want to stay until the end of the video.

Do you know what is the most powerful way broadcast television keeps audience engaged and glued to the TV to watch longer?

It is the coming next content teaser, which makes you want to watch the next show.

The very same tactics is used by top marketers in online infomercials to sell high ticket information and software products with longer videos

Make a viewer want to get the content from the next part

Those marketers add Coming Next note at the bottom of the video throughout with the information what content is coming in the next section.

The single purpose of those bottom Coming Next notes appearing in certain spots in the video is to make a viewer want to get the content from the next part.

That way those top marketers manage to keep prospects watching long infomercial and then convert them for higher priced products.

Place coming up next content teasers >very fast

While it is possible to add such coming next messages one-by-one in most good video creation software, it is extremely time consuming and can take 3 hours of work to properly add Coming Next content teasers to 10 minute video.

We often paid freelancers to add content teasers to videos only to find out that those teasers were added in the wrong places because of freelancers insufficient fluency in the English.

One day after getting another bill and having to deal with wrongly placed teasers again, we thought that it got to be a better way, and UpNextEngage was born.

UpNextEngage software allows to place coming up next content teasers very fast, and includes real time live preview to fine tune them easily.

Watch UpNextEngage in Action

UpNextEngage is the powerful time saving and viewer engagement booster software, which every video creator should have in their toolbox.

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